About Me

Hi, I Am Molly

Molly Xiao, founder of Breakthrough Media, an Australian media company with a client pool of over 250 clients. As a social media influencer Molly has over 250,000 followers on various social media platforms – most notably Instagram (100K+). As an Australian born Chinese, Molly is passionate about helping young graduates grow and amplify their skillset to become successful in their career.

Molly has assisted a range of companies from South East Asia and China with access to the Australian Market. Molly has an intimate understanding of the cultural sensitivities and unique perspective on messaging to Asians in Australia.

Molly holds a Commerce Degree from the University of Melbourne with majors in finance and marketing. In her spare time, Molly enjoys playing a competitive game of badminton and creating viral content on social media.

My Passion and Expertise

Personal Branding

Social Media Profiling

Marketing and Communications